Flipkart has sent a legal notice to Amit Bhawani for a fun poll he was running on the site AmazonVsFlipkart.com, i.e. asking people to vote for either of the two companies based on the service quality.

Flipkart has sent cybersquatting and trademark violation notice to Amit Bhawani and has given him 7 days to stop using the Flipkart logo, stop using ‘flipkart’ in the domain name AmazonVsFlipkart.com, and remove all marks ‘identical or deceptively similar’ to Flipkart’s trademark.

Post this, Amit has brought down the site.

Earlier, Tatas did the same with OkTataByeBye domain and even Zomato faced a similar issue )courtesy eBay) with its first brand name, i.e. Foodiebay.


Hello World.

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