Flipkart Has The Highest User Engagement Among Shopping Apps; Amazon Is Catching Up

A study conducted by SimilarWeb reveals that the e-commerce mobile app of Flipkart and Myntra scored the highest in term user engagement.

Flipkart’s mobile app and its fashion-focused Myntra units together accounted 60% of market share of Daily Active Users (DAU) out of the India’s top six Android e-commerce apps (Snapdeal, all the Amazon Android apps available in India combined, Jabong, and ShopClues.)


Snapdeal’s Android app share declined from 24% in January to 19% in July. Amazon’s combined Android app share in India rose to 12% in the same period.  Jabong and ShopClues had shares of less than 10% each during that time.

The data also revealed that 7.5% of India’s Android smartphone owners used either Flipkart or Myntra apps. Meanwhile, none of Flipkart’s competitors achieved such scores: Snapdeal has a DAU of 2.4%, Amazon 1.6%, Jabong 0.7%, and ShopClues just 0.4%.


Amazon >> Flipkart

Amazon recorded a growing Indian ‘Web traffic’ surpassing Flipkart: While Flipkart remains India’s leader in e-commerce desktop traffic, Amazon’s mobile web traffic surpassed Flipkart’s in April.


Post Myntra’s acquisition and with the integration of Ping into its mobile app, more than 2.5 million people downloaded the invitation-only feature in just two weeks, with nearly 25% of them actively using it.

  1. Someone help me out here please, i’m finding it hard to discern any signal from the charts.

    1. DAU (Daily Active Users): What is being plotted in Y-axis? If it’s counting unique Daily-Active-Users app-wise, then how is the case of people using multiple-shopping-apps handled? If people using multiple-apps are getting counted separately, how would the numbers add upto 100%?

    2. “7.5% of India’s Android smartphone owners used either Flipkart or Myntra apps” – that would be approx 7.5% * 160M = 12M users. Are they DAUs (in terms of Flipkart OR Myntra usage) . I’m curious why DAU is chosen as metric. Given the article is about Transactional-apps, (and not Engagement-apps), would WAU or DAU be more relevant? Also I’m surprised to see no very big change in Myntra DAU-share after May’15 app-only move

    3. “Amazon recorded a growing Indian ‘Web traffic’ surpassing Flipkart… Amazon’s mobile web traffic surpassed Flipkart’s in April” : I’m not sure whether I’m missing something here, but as a matter of fact, FK shut down its mobile-site by Mar’15 end, how would it be relevant to compare the traffic with a non-existing medium.


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