Flipkart To Go App-Only By September [5 Questions]

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Flipkart To Go App-Only By September [5 Questions]

After Myntra’s app-only strategy, Flipkart too is mulling an app-only strategy by September 2015.New-Flipkart-Logo

Questions to Flipkart:

  • Is Myntra’s app-only experiment a success? What are the metrics they are tracking (we hope sales is the topmost).
  • Isn’t app sales a heavy function of app notifications (promotions)?
    Isn’t that a fluffy ground to build upon (wait for the next Android M)?
  • By app-only, we really wonder whether Flipkart wants to put all efforts into innovation in mobile or totally shut down the desktop site? That is, app-only innovation from now onwards? We certainly hope that’s the case?
  • Finally, will Flipkart embrace Airtel Zero if it happens again? They need to go all-in, after all.
  • Why is so over obsession with mobile-only? Aren’t there many other places to innovate – customer experience being the top most?
    Why is Flipkart not rethinking future? App-only is NOT the future (pretty much shows up with Google’s acquisition of app streaming company, Agawi). Look at Chrome mobile and innovation that’s happening there.

Flipkart recently redesigned its brand identity for the mobile avatar – but isn’t app-only a discomfort to the users (no price/spec comparison)?

For Myntra, app-only works owing to the category (apparels are difficult to compare) and TG, but Flipkart is blocking casual users (who will buy because Flipkart is selling for either cheap or can deliver fast) by being app-only.

Is Flipkart in an echo-chamber of its own?

Comments (3)

  1. Interesting perspective!

  2. I don’t get it. To me it is like an offline retailer (imagine size of BigBazar) saying “I still sell all the stuff that I used to, but only through this tiny window, you can’t come in, peep through this window and buy”

    The only reason I have (and other around me) have bought from mobile is if there was an extra off on the app purchase.

  3. They are trying to defy search neutrality by such moves. Read my blog at: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/app-only-websites-defying-search-neutrality-shashwat-srivastava

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