Flipkart, You’re Doing It Wrong [Big App Shopping Doesn’t Mean Bigger Price Tags]

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Flipkart, You’re Doing It Wrong [Big App Shopping Doesn’t Mean Bigger Price Tags]

Big Billion Day. Three words that send shivers down ever Flipkart staffer’s spine.

Since the massive meltdown last year, the company has shifted most of its offer strategy to the mobile, but it seems that it’s plan isn’t exactly full proof.

Big App Shopping 1 Big App Shopping 2

Twitter user Suraj Jain (@surajkala) has yet again found discrepancies in the pricing of products on Flipkart during its Big App Shopping Days that runs from 22 – 24 June.

The product he was looking to purchase was marked down from Rs 2,395 to Rs 1,999 on the mobile app, whereas the same produce costed Rs 1,699 on the desktop site.

How ironic is buying a product through the FK app on a Big App Shopping Day and ending up paying more than what the product was listed on the web for?

Such differential pricing strategies really don’t play out well with the public, and Flipkart knows that better than anyone.

To be fair, in the Twitter conversation that ensued, Suraj Jain did clarify that the pricing on the app and the website did align at a later point, however the question to ask Flipkart is why the delay in updating prices across both platforms.

Is it done to ensure discounts being given on the app seem much more grand? Or is it a technicality that forces the company to change prices on the app and web separately, which if true is highly inefficient.

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