Trusting ecommerce services? Might just spoil your personal relationship [Real story]

[Editorial notes: Indian ecommerce companies are far far away from understanding their customers. Forget about CRM, they still need to understand the importance of timing and bring an inherent understanding the context. Here is an article by Gurpreet Singh who ordered a product from Flipkart for valentine’s day and the brave decision (of taking the ecommerce route) took a toll on his personal life.]

I am a regular user of from the time it was dealing with Books only. Their service was very good that time and really appreciated that. Website has seen brilliant growth since one year may be due to their good service. But my recent experience with flipkart was a disaster. My sad story with flipKart is as follows.

I ordered a Philips hair straightener  (Order ID : OD20206161973 ) for my wife on 7 Feb 2012 on in order to gift her on the eve of Valentine’s Day. It was a surprise gift for her. But even after 4 days it was not delivered at my doorstep – then I sent a mail to FlipKart regarding this. They told me that your address is out of delivery area of Blue Dart courier so it can’t be delivered. They asked me to pick it from Ambala which is 150 Km from my place. I told them that I won’t be able to pick it as Ambala is too far from my place. Then I personally searched the nearest delivery area of Blue dart which is in Nangal,  almost 30 Km from my place and ask them to delivered at that place.

Then my consignment was returned back from Ambala and they re-shipped it . It was already 11th Feb and Valentine’s day was just 3 days away. Somehow I kept my patience and trusted them that it will be delivered by 14 Feb. But I was shocked when I saw that they shipped it again on my previous address and my consignment was again stuck at Ambala Blue dart office. It was already 14 Feb the Valentine Day. I was not able to purchase anything, as I was expecting the delivery on 14 Feb.

Now it totally spoiled my good relation with my wife as she was expecting some gift on Valentine day. I somehow manage to convince her and told her the whole story.

Now my consignment was again returned back from same office from where it was returned earlier. Even after providing a new address to them they re-shipped it on same address which shows their concerns for their customers.

Now they again reshipped it but not at the address mentioned by me but at the Nangal Courier office address. Now it’s almost 30 days but am not able to track my order. I was expecting that it will be delivered before Holi so that I can present it to my wife at least on Holi. Its Holi today but my consignment has not reached till now!

Now all should understand how FlipKart is dealing with their customers. If needed I can also send the entire email conversations for proof. We all know FlipKart is growing but with this sought of Service I was not expecting with this company which has even spoiled my relation with my wife. I am SORRY but yes, i am an unfortunate customer of

Gurpreet has three questions for Flipkart:

1. Why FlipKart accepted my payment if my address was out of delivery area of their courier service?
2 ) Why they reshipped  the consignment on same address from where it was returned back in first attempt???
3 ) Why  they didn’t sent it on the address which I have mentioned during their third shipment attempt.

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