Over 400 Delivery Staff of Flipkart & Myntra Go On Strike. Their Ask? Toilets

Delivery staff for Flipkart and Myntra in Mumbai have been on strike since Monday. Supported by the Mumbai Navnirman Sena, the workers are demanding benefits such as bathrooms at delivery centers, a 6 day working week, fixed duty hours and medical insurance for those that ride bikes. The E-commerce companies have claimed that the strike is because of misguided interests.

While Flipkart has moved to a sexy office, the delivery staff want the logistics arm to provide basic amenities like toilet and fixed duty hours.

Approximately 400 delivery staff in Mumbai working for Flipkart and Myntra have gone on strike since monday accusing the E-commerce platforms of mistreating them.

When Flipkart's Team Took On Delivery Boys Role
When Flipkart’s Team Took On Delivery Boys’ Role

They claim that they were not given even the most basic rights as employees with no fixed working hours, 7 day working weeks and lack of the most basic facilities from their premises. Most of the premises do not even possess a toilet for them to use. In addition to this, 350 of the staff on strike drive motorcycles and are not covered under medical insurance.

The staff on strike are affiliated with Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and have issued a list of 20 demands for the e-tailers. Some of them are as follows:

  • Toilets in each delivery office.
  • Duty hours to be fixed.
  • Overtime allowances.
  • Existing shipment allowance to be increased
  • Bike maintenance allowance to be given.
  • Workers to be issued work ID, ESIC cards.
  • Institution of a 6 day work week with compensatory days off.

MNS Kamgar Sena secretary Sachin Gole said that ‘all deliveries had stopped since Monday’ and ‘despite all efforts to convince them, they (Flipkart and Myntra) are not willing to have a meaningful dialogue’ with the striking workers.

Both Flipkart and Myntra have issued statements stating that the strike is a result of ‘misguided interests’ and the lack of employee benefits was a result of ‘unfounded speculation’. Both companies reaffirmed their commitment to providing their employees with all the benefits they require and that customers would not be affected by the strike.

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