Flipkart Launches Amazon Prime Like Subscription Service; Great Move

More news from the world of e-commerce. is launching Flipkart First, an Amazon Prime like service which will give subscribers special privileges. Flipkart hasn’t said how much it costs yet.

The company said

Flipkart First is our soon-to-be-launched annual subscription service for shoppers who wish to get exclusive benefits and have access to priority service.

Flipkart First gives you exclusive access benefits like In-a-Day guarantee delivery, for which you will have to pay otherwise. You get access to Same Day Guarantee Delivery at a discounted price.

Flipkart First

The company will also give you a 60 Day Replacement Guarantee instead of the standard 30 Day Replacement Guarantee and priority customer service.

Rival Amazon hasn’t officially launched its super successful Amazon Prime in India yet. Amazon Prime is a membership which gives you unlimited two day shipping and free streaming of movies and TV shows. The service was priced $79 a year. In March, Amazon increased subscription rate to $99 a year. According to a 2013 report, Amazon has over 20 million Amazon Prime members.

For Flipkart and Indian e-commerce companies which are slowly moving away from free shipping (which was earlier the norm), this is an important move to keep customers hooked. Because customer’s aren’t charged for shipping every time they buy, it reduces friction at the time of purchase.

In April, Flipkart introduced same day delivery guarantee and in a day guarantee for deliveries.

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