You Know What’s Cool? INR 400,000. And Then, A Billion Dollar [And Everything In Between]

Flipkart has announced its $1Bn fund raise. And that’s a reason to celebrate!flipkart

An Indian startup that is just 7 years old (technically, 6 years if you go by incorporation date) has raised a billion dollar in funding. Importantly, investors have invested for India story – which actually is very different from how other big funding has happened (among other startups).

We present to you a timeline* of Flipkart funding. By the way, did you know that founders started off with INR 400,000 capital ? Today, they are worth a few thousands of crores!

They faced all sorts of rejection in the early days (there is no Internet penetration in India/where are the credit cards to buy online) and figured out ways to fix them (instead of giving up). Importantly, skilled themselves up (being a CEO of $5Bn company is different from being a founder of a startup) and played a crucial role in creating the ecommerce market.

That’s Entrepreneurship. That’s Ambition. That’s Execution. That’s Being Unstoppable. And That’s Entrepreneurship.

Also, checkout Sachin Bansal’s UnPluggd conversation (2013).

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