Flipkart forays into eBooks with proprietary format


Flipkart forays into eBooks with proprietary format

’s digital store Flyte, has finally forayed into the category. eBooks purchased on Flyte can only be read through the Flyte eBooks app. At launch, this app is available for Android OS; apps for Windows 8 will soon follow.

Pricing of eBooks:

Flyte is pricing its eBooks starting at Rs 30, besides providing 4,000 free titles. Also, you will be able to preview up to 10 percent of the eBook for free.

Important to note that Flipkart ebooks are in proprietary format and you cannot print, copy, side-load (move from one device to another), email, save images or automatic “read out loud”.

Flyte eBooks will offer following features:

  • An Android app that allows readers to instantly purchase, download and read their eBooks on a mobile device
  • A free sample of each book on the website /mobile app
  • The ability to read each eBook on up to six devices
  • Sync your reading location – which means you can exit your book on a particular device and start reading from the same point in another device
  • Take notes, highlight text, search, add multiple bookmarks

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