Flipkart Launches Ping. Now Shop With Your Friends

Online shopping is a very isolated experience and in order to fix that Flipkart has introduced Ping – a way for users to shop for products on its app along with their friends.

Ping allows users to have real-time conversations with friends in order to get feedback about a product they plan on buying, or help friends get in on the decision of what to buy.

The feature will allow users to drag and drop products directly into conversations, lets users share their screen so that they can browse products together with friends.

Further, users will be able to share products with friends from their cart, wishlist, gallery and even allows them to take photos etc.

Using the feature on the app requires an invite. The chat interface is similar to Facebook messenger Bubbles which can be moved around the screen and dismissed by dragging them to the bottom.

Notes from Ashish : We certainly hope Flipkart isn’t inspired by Apple Ping , which was also a social network (around iTunes) that bombed.

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