Flipkart: The Untold Story of Experiments and Thinking Differently [Mekin on NextBigWhat Radio]

Flipkart has tried and failed at many ambitious projects – more than anybody other startup (even today)!

Right from some of the *ahead-of-its-time* products like Payzippy to Flyte. But then, building a culture of experiments and big bets need different thinking. Which is what helped Flipkart create a flywheel.

Welcome to new episode of NextBigWhat Radio, a series of podcasts where we bring you candid / unfiltered insights from some of the best minds.

Our guest for NextBigWhat Radio’s new episode is Mekin Maheshwari, the founder & CEO of Udhyam Learning Foundation.

Mekin joined Flipkart in 2009 to head technology. After having built a strong technology foundation and a great team, he moved on to running two new businesses before finally heading their HR for his last 2 years at Flipkart.

In this conversation with NextBigWhat’s Ashish, Mekin discuss the early days of Flipkart, hiring culture and lessons from many experiments (some notable failures include Payzippy, Flyte).

You will love it !


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