Flipkart’s chief people officer, Mekin Maheshwari is leaving the company to pursue education related not-for-profit initiative. He joined Flipkart in 2009.

“The clarity that—I would like to measure my life in terms of positive impact created on peoplehas been increasing. As part of Flipkart—we’ve made this happen to a massive extent – for our customers, sellers & employees. But, as I think ahead – I realise that there are more critical problems for people in India that stay unsolved, some of which can not be solved with a for-proft mindset.

I believe education is 1 such area—where there are a dozen odd massive challenges—that are worth attempting to solve. Education also has a long term & far-reaching impact – something thats important to me, as I sit & worry about how the world today is mostly working for short term & selfish economic maximization [Mekin’s blogpost]. “

Mekin will move into an advisory role at Flipkart, post the transition.

Recently, InMobi’s Chief Revenue Officer Atul Satija too quit the company to start his non-profit initiative.


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