Sachin Bansal Explains His Stand Over Net Neutrality; Geeks Bring Down App Rating

Net Neutrality has become one of the most discussed topics on social networks in India recently, following the whole Airtel Zero fiasco. The other major brand that has come into the scopes of Net Neutrality advocates is e-commerce player Flipkart.
Sensing trouble, Sachin Bansal, CEO of Flipkart, finally broke his silence over the whole issue on Twitter in favour of Airtel Zero. The move has ticked off Net Neutrality advocates even more, who’re now staging internet attacks that could defame both companies.

Reddit boards (1) (2) have cropped up outlining how all those in support of Net Neutrality can demote Flipkart and Airtel’s apps on app stores in order to gain the attention of the two brands. The e-protests have just begun and are already gathering quite some steam.
Flipkart 1 Star Rating Flipkart 1 Star Rating 2
Users have begun offering 1 star ratings for the Flipkart app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Protesters are directing their grouse with Bansal’s view directly on Flipkart, in an attempt to bring the company into bad light, and raise more awareness about the issue.
Airtel Zero may be a brilliant business opportunity to drive app installs in the budding Indian market, but the company isn’t doing much to address the concerns of users at this point of time. Simply justifying Airtel Zero as the modern day alternative to toll-free calling, doesn’t seem to cut it.

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