Artists Ask Flipkart To Kill Piracy And Block Sellers Selling Copyrighted Products

In an interesting turn of events, volunteer at ARPS have asked to control piracy and block sellers selling copyrighted products.
ARPS (Artists Right Protection Society) was founded in 2010 to represent the voice of thousands of Visual Artists in protecting their Intellectual Property Rights and to prevent any infringement upon the same by merchandising industry online as well as offline. ARPS works with an aim to stimulate and support the visual artists and prevent their artwork from getting stolen in today’s digital world where it has been increasingly become a serious concern.
As many as 24 sellers on Flipkart have already been taken down for selling wallpapers copied from the internet on their products. These wallpapers includes logo of brands like Man U, Arsenal, KKR, Angry Birds and work of famous and upcoming designers.
ARPS has further again asked Flipkart to pull down another 15 sellers who have infringed on the same IP protection policies, but no action has been taken by Flipkart on it so far.
ARPS has also files a petition on online petition platform asking Flipkart to ban these sellers and distribute profits among the rightful owners of the design. ARPS believes that putting a ban on sellers who infringe policies will lead to Flipkart selling no pirated contents and that the artists involved could also receive their share from the sales of such products.
Challenges of a marketplace model?

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