Flipkart is launching Flipkart Plus, Loyalty Program; Can it challenge Amazon Prime?

Flipkart is relaunching its loyalty program – Flipkart Plus.
In addition to benefits on its own platform, the firm will offer more discounts, free and faster product deliveries and other rewards to Flipkart Plus subscribers on platforms like Hotstar, Zomato, Makemytrip and Café Coffee Day.

“Every time a customer completes a purchase on our platform, the customer earns a certain amount of Plus points. As you shop more, you earn more Plus points. And with more Plus points, you unlock key rewards and benefits,” said Shoumyan Biswas, head of advertising, marketing and Plus at Flipkart (via).

Can Flipkart Plus take on Amazon Prime?

Actually no.
Amazon Prime uses the power of entertainment to get people to subscribe and then buy more (and more). For Flipkart, this is a sanity feature to have – after all, they need to keep the regular buyers happy.
As far as benefits outside the platform are concerned, unless they are exclusive – they won’t make a difference.

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