A Seller’s Open Letter To Flipkart – Please Do Not Doubt Our Delivery Capability [BillionDay]


I am a seller on Flipkart and on the Big Billion Day this is what happened to us – the Flipkart marketplace sellers.

Imagine a wonderful day where every online seller is happy as they would be receiving a lot of orders online. Now add the harsh Flipkart marketplace policies to the scenario and sellers turn into losers.flipkart-sale

Today, as a seller on Flipkart, I was very happy as my products were offered with heavy discounts and with some help from Flipkart promotions, I was sure I would gather a good number of orders; and yes that did happen. I received 4 times as many orders as I would on a regular day. This is the sunny side of the scenario where everybody is happy.

Now to talk about the harsh reality that I faced, let me introduce you to the ‘Account Deactivation or Pending’ factor wherein the seller who receives more number of orders as compared to regular days need to clear the existing list of orders placed by customers so as to receive new orders. Combine this with the dead slow seller panel and sellers like me are helpless. I know of Flipkart more as a technology company for its ‘slash n’ programme and recent hackathons but today patience was not doing me any good.

Generally, the seller panel on Flipkart works in a matter of seconds between receiving the orders and packaging them. But on the Big Billion Day, it took hours of waiting to get the invoice and dispatch note from the seller panel. This put me on ‘Account Deactive’ as my order list were more than the usual and all my products were automatically invisible across Flipkart marketplace as I was not able to process my orders quickly.

Here is Flipkart’s explanation of its policies – “‘Account deactivation or Pending’ status in case of excess orders is NOT a penalty. It is to avoid the possibility of high seller cancellations, SLA breaches, pick-up reattempts and hence the resulting poor defect scores.”

Flipkart is the only marketplace with such harsh seller policies as compared to other marketplaces.

With harsh policies like this, online startup sellers like me are seriously under threat of large marketplace as they doubt our delivery capability.

Needless to say, online shoppers enjoyed their ‘WOW’ online shopping day with Flipkart but many other Flipkart marketplace sellers who I don’t know personally too faced this situation of capability test by Flipkart and were irritated by turtle speed seller panel for processing orders.

I hope this message reaches them and they take some steps to bring fair practice in online selling with seller-friendly policies.