Flipkart Seller Gyan: Who Sells What?

E-commerce is one of the biggest things in India right now, and rightfully so. The sector is expected to be worth $100 bn by 2020.
However, if you’re a business owner, or plan to setup one soon, building your own platform is hardly the most cost effective solution to growing your business online. The most popular option today is to tie up with online marketplaces such as Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon who already have a base of millions of buyers and are dumping loads of money to grow quickly.
India’s largest marketplace Flipkart, divides its sellers base into six broad categories – the 2nd generation entrepreneur, small entrepreneurs, small boutique owners, corporate professionals, college graduates and national sales heads.
Flipkart Sellers Popular Categories

Which Category Of Sellers Dominates Flipkart?

According to the company, over 30% of its online seller base is made up of 2nd generation entrepreneurs who ideally deal in apparels, jewellery, home and handicrafts. The second largest pool of sellers are small entrepreneurs who mainly compete in the mobile and mobile accessories business.
The third most popular category of sellers on Flipkart are small botique owners who make up 15% of the company’s overall seller base. Corporate professionals and college graduates make up 12% and 10% of the seller base respectively, while national sales heads make up just 1%.

  • Corporate professionals make up over 30% of the sellers in the home category
  • 2nd generation entrepreneurs make up over 30% of the sellers in the lifestyle & electronics categories
  • Electronics and mobile accessories are popular categories amongst college graduates and small entrepreneurs


Where Are All These Sellers Based?

E-commerce isn’t just revolutionizing the way people buy things in large metros, but is also disrupting the retail market in tier II and tier III cities. Flipkart says its ratio of sellers based in metros to non-metros is about 60:40, which is also a great indicator of where the demand for products lies.
Delhi is home to the largest number of sellers on Flipkart when it comes to large metro cities, while Jaipur has the highest concentration of sellers among tier II cities. The company also notes that Panipat, Kundli, Tirupur and Pudducherry are among the upcoming tier III seller hubs.
Majority of women sellers according to Flipkart are based out of North and East India, who belong to its small boutique owners and corporate professional categories. Designer apparel, footwear, homemade products, home decor and mobile accessories among the most mainstream products for women to sell on the platform.

What Are The Most Popular Products To Sell?

Lifestyle is the most mainstream product category for sellers on Flipkart, with over 40% sellers serving it. Electronics, home & handicraft and FMCG categories follow it in popularity. Home, lifestyle and electronics are the most popular categories on Flipkart, but handicrafts, home appliances and jewellery categories are picking up steam.
2nd generation entrepreneurs, small entrepreneurs and corporate professionals make up the best performing seller categories on Flipkart, but small boutique owners and college graduates are exploring online retail before any other method of selling.

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