Flipkart is launching its own smartphone, Billion Capture+ ; Boasts of unlimited cloud storage

Flipkart which has been experimenting with its own private label is launching its own phone called Billion Capture+, a smartphone with powerful dual cameras.

The phone will be available from Nov 15th onwards and will run on Android Nougat and will come with dual camera. Plus, the phone will be packed with unlimited cloud storage (safe to assume that this is result of Onedrive/Microsoft partnership?).
What Flipkart brings to the table is the number of service centers : 130 across 125 cities, which will surely help the buying decision.

Expected price of the Billion Capture+ phone? Flipkart hasn’t announced, but expect it to be in Rs. 10K-14K range.
Will you buy this, given the branded alternatives like Xiaomi/Nokia/Lenovo/Sony etc? Does Flipkart brand stand for great hardware / service quality and such attributes?

Will Flipkart phone cannibalise partner sales?

The highest selling category for any ecommerce player is smartphones and with Flipkart launching its own brand and giving prominence to the same on all of its properties, will it cannibalise its own business?
If you are a Motorola/Lenovo/Xiaomi, why would you sign an exclusive deal with Flipkart when you know that the company is going to promote its own phones over yours?
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