Flipkart Introduces Voice Search

We tried out this new cool feature on the site and found it to be very precise and accurate, unlike the voice recognition function on many of our mobile phones.

Online retailer has introduced voice search feature using which you can search for items on the portal, through your computer. The company is one of the first few ecommerce sites in India to introduce this new feature.


We tried out this feature on the site (still not available to all, and we believe Flipkart is doing A/B testing currently) and found it to be quite precise unlike the voice recognition function on many of our mobile phones. The voice search will come in especially handy when you search for items whose spelling you are not aware of, especially in the case of books or authors.

This feature is not available on the mobile yet, though we expect the same to be launched pretty soon (fits the use-case).

With mobile phones increasingly making voice search popular, traditional SEO practices will have to evolve and this looks like an attempt to understand how it works.

HomeShop18 has had the voice search plugin for some time now on its portal.

Of late Flipkart has been rolling out new features and functionality through its website and mobile apps. They had recently updated the Flipkart eBooks app, which was launched in November 2012, and announced the launch of three more apps for its users. Previously available on Android, Flipkart’s eBooks is now available on iOS and Windows Phone apps as well as on a browser through a Web Reader. The app will also be preinstalled on some of the new Nokia Lumia devices.

Flipkart also plans to launch a self publishing platform for e-books in India, in a way helping improve the content on the platform.

Here is a video of the feature in action.


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