Close Price Competition Between Flipkart and Amazon for Mobiles [Ecommerce Insights]

In this report we are going to look at catalogue size of and Amazon for Mobiles – common products, better seller in terms of prices for these common products and exclusive products offered by them. This data is sourced from FindYogi Mobiles. Only new products that are under manufacturer warranty and available as on 4th Week of April 2014 is covered in this report.

  • Flipkart has 2127 offers under 834 SKUs in mobiles category.
  • Amazon has 1290 offers under 777 SKUs in mobile category.
  • Each SKU can have multiple offers. Different colors of same product are considered as single SKU.

Overlapping Catalogue

We have a total 1611 SKUs from Flipkart and Amazon combined. There are mobile products that are common with both of them, some that are not available with one of them and some products that are universally exclusive to Flipkart or Amazon. Launching exclusive products is a newly found competitive advantage by Indian ecommerce players. Some sellers have even started partnering with brands to launch popular models under different names with a minor changes in specification. Flipkart currently has exclusive rights for mobiles like Moto G, Moto X and Moto E.

Flipkart Amazon 1

  •  There are 526 overlapping SKUs. This is equivalent to 63% of Flipkart’s total SKUs and about 68% of Amazon’s total SKUs under mobiles category.
  • 37% SKUs under mobiles category of FlipKart that are not with Amazon.
  • 32% SKUs under mobiles category of Amazon are not with Flipkart.

Best price seller for Common SKUs – Flipkart or Amazon?

We compared prices of overlapping SKUs in the Mobiles category to find who is offering better prices for these common SKUs.

Flipkart Amazon2

  • Both the marketplaces have highly competitive merchants with a close fight when it comes to prices.
  • Out of these 526 overlapping mobile SKUs FlipKart offers best price for 52% i.e. 272 SKUs.
  • Amazon follows by 48% i.e. 254 better priced SKUs.

Next – We will take a deeper look and analyze the Laptops category. If you are looking for a specific report please tweet your request to @NextBigWhat. All reports are published through data sourced from our partners

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