This VR-Tech Startup Generated $1 million revenue in just 3 months

FlipSpaces, a VR tech startup for Interior designing claims to have generated a revenue worth $1 million in a short span of only 3 months time.  The venture has been able to gain this traction without any external aid or funding according to its core team.

FlipSpaces allows users to choose from over a lakh of products and a mind boggling trillion room environments on a floor plate which is a replica of their office or home. The application can generate photorealistic images of spaces at a speed which is 500 times faster than any other used applications in the domain.

FlipSpaces also allows users to generate the exact cost-estimate for services and products chosen by them real-time thus letting them have a check on their budget. This also helps do away with the huge physical catalogues, which décor companies have to handle.

The web based application is designed exclusively for home/office décor market targeting new office buyers and tenants, developers, architect and interior designers among other industry players.

FlipSpaces is looking to generate $ 15 Million in a year in terms of gross revenues and is on its way to announcing tie ups with major builders and industry leaders towards VR-Led Design and Execution.

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