Flynx Boosts Your Productivity by Loading Web Pages in the Background


Flynx Boosts Your Productivity by Loading Web Pages in the Background

Whether you are checking your Twitter feed, or scrolling through Facebook, you will come across several links to interesting articles that you would want to click on. But upon clicking said links, we waste a lot of time staring at the blank page as it collects all the 0s and 1s.


Flynx is an Android app that is here to fix that. When you click on any Web link, instead of directing you to the browser, it starts loading the page in the background, and sports a progressive floating bubble (pretty much like Facebook Chat Heads) that lets you know when the page has loaded completely.

This way, the app saves you time which you can invest in something else rather than watching your browser load the content.

Taking in account our infamous internet speeds, we are more likely to make use of apps like Flynx than a majority of other nations.

In addition to loading pages in the background, Flynx also offers a ‘reading mode’ that kills all the Web annoyances that you would find on most of the articles today – ads, banners, social media share buttons, etc.

It also allows you to switch to a ‘dark mode’ for your late night reading pleasure, and lets you adjust the text size.

All in all, it’s a great app, and would come in very useful if your internet is slow. You can also use it to open several links in the background and check all at once.


As of now the app is only available for Android 3.0 and above handsets. The free version of Flynx lets you open up to 4 Web links.

In the next version, we would like to see Flynx buffer YouTube videos in the background too!

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