Food meets your mood on Pune based Gawbl

gawblFood and mood share a close relationship. Most of us have a mood to eat. For instance, we have a mood for a snack and a different one for a full course dinner. Sometimes we are in the mood for a quickie and sometimes in the mood for fine dining. There are plenty of food guides such as Zomato, burrp, Mojostreet and Etable that help us choose the food. But what of the mood?

Pune based Gawbl – a mobile only platform has launched an Android application that helps users to quickly decide where to eat based on their mood at that moment. Gawbl aspires to grow from a simple food search engine that avoids users’ confusions about where to eat, and virtually becomes their online food assistant guide.

Presently, Gawbl tags eateries across 5 genres (moods) – quick bite, hog, experiment (non Indian foods), fine dine (expensive restaurants) and chill (affordable and refreshing joints.)

Currently, Gawbl’s Android app works only for Pune. However the company has plans to launch in other cities such as Bangalore and Mumbai by the end of this year. Before launching, Gawbl created its own listing and collected data from various location across Pune. “We have manually tagged each place to one or maximum two moods for now,” said Chirag Kirpalani, founder, Gawbl.

As of now Gawbl has seen more than 300 downloads. “Since we released public beta in April first week, we have got good rating and feedback from users but the reach out has been low. The challenge right now is to have a better reach out,” added Kirpalani. The startup claims that whoever has tried the app, has stuck to it.

At this point, Gawbl intends to understand real pain points of using it and has been using both positive and negative feedback for improving the app. “Our next version will be able to solve most those pain points of using Gawbl,” said Kirpalani.

Gawbl also plans to launch its iOS  app which is likely to be launched before the company hits other cities. Gawbl, with its five member team, is also keen on expanding to tier 2 cities.

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