Want To See What Your Food Looks Like Before Ordering? Try Foodlets.in

Have you ever seen food names like Zomerane Al-Batita or Phuchito Cheeese Mamone and wondered if that’s worth ordering. Even if the food item on the menu is described or the waiter explains it, we are often not sure if we really want to eat that or how much would we eat. What if the waiter could show you a pic of what it exactly looks like, on the lines of menu you find in QSRs like McD, KFC etc.? Foodlets is one yummy startup trying to help you do that.

Foodlets is crowdsourcing application to post and share pics of food from restaurant menus. Click your food, Upload the pic, name it, price it, tag the restaurant and voila! you have a visual treat to share.

What really impressed me about this startup is the design, it appeals. Though the UI needs a little improvement for uploading multiple pics at once. What let me down is that this is inspired (being polite) from valley startup, Foodspotting and an Israeli Fiddme.

Foodlets has done a good job with content seeding but what they immediately need is a mobile app. One certainly wouldn’t wait till the end of the day to get back home and then upload. As usual when it comes to crowdsouring, the user’s motivation is a big question. Unlike valley startups where the silliest looking actions on web become fashion, this is too much to expect from Indian audience. Unless ofcourse they manage to use the social features well and make it a trend to share your costly looking food with friends, like the way we die to go on a holiday so that we can upload pics on Facebook.

What do you think of foodlets as a startup? Is it a full product or a feature for menu search engines like Zomato, Justeat etc.? Are they a perfect acquisition target?

Next time you eat your Zomerane Al-Batita do share it on Foodlets. Do let us know where you found food with that kind of name.

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[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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