Ad Tech Startup Fork Media Invests In Wi-Fi Ad Network Spid

Ad tech company Fork Media recently invested in Wi-Fi ad network Spid. Fork Media will leverage Spid’s technology for advertisers and publishers by offering them one of the largest audience platforms, targeting on-the-go consumers.

Spid is a growing company for Wi-Fi monetization in India. Currently, it has a bouquet of over 1,200 locations including all major airports, QSRs like McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks, and Costa Coffee, malls and other retail locations. Fork Media aims to use Spids platform to leverage the locational behavior of consumers and target them for relevant advertising.

The acquisition of equity in Spid is a part of Fork Media’s larger expansion plans. It had recently made its foray into international markets with the launch of its operations in Dubai – targeting the GCC Region.

“Having Spid as a part if the Fork Media group is a strategic move for us. We see Wi-Fi as an alternative eco-system – a parallel economy, that’s growing rapidly. With the onset of 4G, a lot of telecom players are investing in Wi-Fi infrastructure to offset the costs involved in setting up 4G. Additionally, the Wi-Fi ecosystem takes location targeting to the next level by not only delivering relevant content to the consumer in and around a certain location, but also offering destination targeting. We are steering Fork Media to be less device-centric and more consumer- centric in our ad solutions. Therefore, this is an extremely important link in the chain for us in the consumer’s journey,” said Samar Verma, CEO, Fork Media.

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