From Forum: How much does it cost to register a private company in India ? forum has turned out to be a great place to share knowledge/resources among entrepreneurs and this week, we introduced a cool feature called ‘Question and Answers’. That is, forum… forum has turned out to be a great place to share knowledge/resources among entrepreneurs and this week, we introduced a cool feature called ‘Question and Answers’. That is, forum is not just a discussion place, but also a place to get answers for specific questions as well (you can mark an answer as the best answer).forum qna

Some of the interesting threads in the forum:

But Why Flipkart?

Why is Flipkart advertising on keyword ‘Infibeam Books‘?

90-day rule in business

There’s a rule in business called the 90-Day rule. It’s basically this: Whatever you do today, you’ll see the benefits 90 days from now. If you wonder why your business is floundering now, look back and see what you were doing 90 days ago.

How much does it cost for registering a private company in India ?

I want to know the total cost for registering a private company that includes 

1. Memorandum of Association, 2. Articles of Association, 3. PAN , 4. TAN , 5. DIN , 6. Digital Signature.

Working with Railways/Transport corporations/other govt organizations.

I would like to know what your experience of working with people in Railways or Bus transportations companies like BMTC in bangalore is? I wonder how ideas regarding ticket-issuing machines, android tablets in buses, internet cafes in stations, etc were sold to the management?

Product explanation videos in Hindi?

I was wondering if there are any indian companies that offer hindi product explanation video service?

Is there any good and reliable website for website reviews?

I know about mouthshut but I find it very cluttered and non-reliable. Is there any good tool/website to know about the reliability of a website. For example I want to buy something from say and I want some feedback about this that how secure is transaction, how is support, delivery time etc.

Indians looking for ‘sexy lingerie’ online [data]

Indian buyers account for 13% of the total inquiries received for sexy lingerie in the international marketplace of as on December 2011, preceded only by the U.S. contributing 21% of total inquiries.

Why Do Indians Have Such a Hard Time Paying On Time?

When it comes to Indian companies, the contract is worthless. I never get paid anywhere near on time for the most part. I think my on-time payment rate is about 10% with Indian companies. And, they never bother informing you there will be a delay in payment. They just let the date pass and then wait for you to contact them and then they come up with an excuse. And then if you ask them for updates, they get mad. “Don’t you trust us, we will be sending the payment tomorrow” and of course tomorrow passes with no payment. There is no concern with living up to contracts or one’s word. (I will say that I have virtually almost always been paid – just very late.)

Money VS Wealth

The more I learn about entrepreneurship everyday this is something that I keep coming across quite regularly, yet no one is really directly talking about it; in a nutshell it says that businesses are meant to create wealth and not money alone.
I probably understand this at a superficial level but there are certain questions that come to mind:

1. First of all, is it even applicable or just some philosophical mumbo-jumbo?

2. Is there something tangible we, as start-ups, can take from this? Something that can be merged with our short/long term goals?


An excellent article on Tumblr architecture (Scaling from single server to 1000+ nodes)

Startup tools

Best Free Project Management Tools

Information Collected By Thirty Party Login Providers

Pomodoro Technique – Improve Productivity.

Do you think IIM’s and IIT’s students will ever stop hogging the limelight in the start-up sector?

What Will You Give Up For Your Startup?

Open Questions

Which is better a VC or a Bank?

Need suggestions to reach the target customers

Can you tell me in which Technology segment, starting a company would lead to failure?

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