Forum Roundup: The Entrepreneur’s Zoo; Profit Margins of Software Industry & More


Forum Roundup: The Entrepreneur’s Zoo; Profit Margins of Software Industry & More

So we’ve decided to do the forum roundup mid week so all those awesome people who don’t touch the computer on the weekend can jump right into the great discussions we have there. If you are into startups, technology or simply a geek with giant brain and loads of things to talk about, you will love the NextBigWhat forum.

If you are looking to learn from your peers, stuck with a startup or tech problem, head out there and ask away. There are way too many great guys on the forum wanting to help out a damsel someone in distress.nextbigwhat-forum

The Entrepreneur’s Zoo

Entrepreneurs Zoo

How India’s First Mars Mission Works

The Indian Space Research Organization’s Mars Orbiter Mission (“Mangalyaan”) is a technology demonstration. The 2,980-pound (1,350 kilograms) probe will take a 300-day cruise to Mars and then circle the planet, testing equipment and practicing space maneuvers. Scientific objectives are secondary. More here.

Review and Feedback on startup – Prodsea

We have been working with our startup Prodsea and are looking farward for your honest opinions on what we need to improve to make it even more beneficial to our users. Click here to participate.

Profit Margin Range – Software Export Industry

What might be the profit margin range for software services export industry in recent times (last five years or so) ? How did you arrive at the range? the calculation ? More here.

Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki

Facebook Just Went Divine – Offline 🙂

Other discussions

Understanding Google’s Dynamic Search Results Page

How JavaScript and HTML5 canvas re-creates life like rain

Any views on Enterprise Social Networking?

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