Forum Roundup: Looking for Mentor; Hike Spamming People; Before You Start E-commerce & More

Last week, we had a lot of interesting discussions happening on the forum. If you missed some of the action, here’s a summary.

The NextBigWhat forum is a place for DOERS who have questions, answers and interesting things to share. Last week, we had a lot of interesting discussions happening on the forum. If you missed some of the action, here’s a summary.


Service Tax for Web Services in UK

Do I need to pay Service Tax in India if I offer my Web Services in the UK from within India?

Launching a Campaign – Young Entrepreneurs Mindset (Need your Opinion)

I really would love your feedback/ opinion on my upcoming campaign which is called “Young Entrepreneurs Mindset”. Its a campaign to find the coolest young entrepreneurs in India. The campaign will meet/ connect with young entrepreneurs all around India and take their interview to understand their mindset. Our target is to connect with atleast 100 young entrepreneurs in India. They will be under the age of 30 years, they could have founded a million dollar company, or are looking forward to launch one. It doesn’t matter what type of business you do.

What are the pre-requsite i should do to go online

Am planning to host a e-commerce store, please let me know what are the details i need to do before going online. I had made some R&D for payment gateway, got some knowledge on that part, i exactly want to know what are the things i need to do like the formalities, registration, bank account kind of details.

Regarding Packaging and Shipping for Small E-Commerce Business

I would like to start a small E-Commerce business for Books . We are planning to operate in chennai and it’s outskirt areas . We are greatly confused in packaging & which Shipping industry suits us best . We are also providing Cash On Delivery options for customers & we are also interested in brand packing . Please help us with this and provide some contact details if you have any within the chennai circle.

Do recharge website use any API ?

I am not sure if my title makes any sense. But I want to ask how recharge website provide recharge? What backend they use? How new recharge websites are starting in India with all operators.

Looking for a mentor (Preferrably from wedding or events management industry)

We’re a wedding services portal based out of Bangalore. We started out in July this year. We are looking for mentor/s who can help us shape our business better. We are currently doing pretty decent with responses from users and we want to find many ways to monetize. We would love to get some thoughts and ideas from experienced individuals from wedding/event management industry. Please PM me or contact me here if you are in a mood to help 😉

LapTab, Windows 8-Android Dual-Boot Tablet From Micromax

Micromax has launched LapTab, a dual-boot Windows and Android tablet powered by Intel, at CES 2014, which is currently going in Las Vegas.

[code] pin based / otp login – Source code

This simple code can be used to authenticate phone number / implement OTP based login at No Cost.

Indian consumers are wearable tech savy. [Report]

Is Hike Spamming people?

Looks like it is!

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