Forum Recap: Words Steve Jobs Hated The Most; Flipkart’s Ad Strategy & More


Forum Recap: Words Steve Jobs Hated The Most; Flipkart’s Ad Strategy & More

Last week the forum saw some interesting queries, insights and some online findings being shared. Some of the interesting insights include ‘How Credit Cards Work’ and ‘Words Steve Jobs Hated The Most’. The forum also saw some exciting debate about Ad strategies used by ecommerce platforms.

For all those who missed out on the action, here is a list of curated discussion from the forum. If you haven’t already, sign up to become part of an amazing community of early adopters, technologists and entrepreneurs.

Insights (Gyaan!)

How Credit Card Processing Works!

To those who are interested in how credit card processing works, here is a definitive piece.

CC How To

Words Steve Jobs Hated The Most

The two most “dreaded, hated” words at Apple under Steve Jobs were “branding” and “marketing.”

“In Steve’s mind,” she recalls, “people associated brands with television advertising and commercials and artificial things. The most important thing was people’s relationship to the product. So any time we said ‘brand’ it was a dirty word.”

On personal computers

Personal computers include PCs, tablets and smartphones — anything that is for personal use and rely on computing to achieve their function.

Tablets and smartphones are the most recent evolution of the personal computer. Both are portable which means they’re lying around you all the time and accessing them is casual. Smartphones are more portable though. While smartphones have smaller screens, tablets offer larger screens for more comfortable viewing — that is the main difference.

Google India and Mr. Shyam Negi

Q n A (Help!)

Need Advise on marketing strategy

Because traditional jobs pay so low, I decided to try something different, I have become Distributor of Alchemy Capital Management, their product offering is Portfolio Management Service with minimum investment of Rs.25 Lacs, I need help with regards to marketing strategy of this product, please help me by telling how to sell it… how to do the marketing of it and also need advise on expansion of this business… please advise whether I should go for it or not… given the size of HNIs in Ahmedabad.

Good app development companies in india

I want to identify the problems that new guys face in outsourcing the work to other developers, also to get the information on good/honest developers who do their job properly (Indian entities).

Any reviews about Zaakpay?

I need some help, we are looking for payment gateway and came across Zaakpay. Wanted to know reviews/feedback about it from someone who is using it.

Online Marketing Help

I recently launched a website and am having difficulty marketing my website against other multinational companies who have marketing budgets valued at tend of thousands of US$. I was hoping that you had some marketing idea’s which I could do on a limited budget to increase the visibility of my website for those that need it.

I’m Confused? (What?)

Flipkart showing ads on its product pages

How do you think these ads could benefit Flipkart?

I’m confused on why would an e-commerce player send traffic to another ecommerce player. These being Google Ads, I don’t think that they’re websites of sellers who already sell on FK.

Of Spicejet Dance And Why We Can’t Have a Good Sense of Humor

Ofcourse, we all must have seen Spicejet holi dance video by now. I find it funny that the company is now being under trouble for this gesture.

This is sick!  Totally sick!

We Indians have a very little sense of humor. We are way too sensitive about everything (just that we don’t do much about it).

Domain name “” is for sale about 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs. Is it worth for that much?

The domain name is for sale. The minimum amount to quote for buying is 10 lakhs. Please share your valuable comments whether it is worth for that much amount. And Is there any SEO problem, because of the name is almost ideal to Google?

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