Forum Roundup: Why the Mangalyaan lift-off went well? TV going the print way? Or are consumers getting used to not paying? & More

This week saw some interesting insights and discussions doing rounds at our forum. As you know, India successfully launched its first Mars mission Mangalyaan. Take a look at our forum topic on the secret behind the success. Some of the other topics in the forum this week include how the Star Sports India Twitter guy stuffed up, discussions on Facebook billing in INR? and the making of an iPhone.

For all the other interesting insights and shares from last week head over to NextBigWhat forum. You can also share your some interesting information, tips or insight you have come across at the forum.

Why the Mangalyaan lift-off went well?


More here.

TV going the print way? Or are consumers getting used to not paying?

People thought that “cord-cutters” were merely switching from cable TV to broadband internet. They were keeping the pipes that come into their houses, in other words, and using them differently. Maybe they were still watching TV if TV came as a cheap bundle with internet. (It’s noteworthy that all the major cable/telco companies still have thriving hard-wired telephone businesses too, even though may people never use them – because they come with the bundle.)

But recent subscriber stats show a net loss across all three services – TV, web and phone.

We have a pet theory at Business Insider: Because it’s a lot easier now to survive on free wifi, people who already cut the cable TV cord are now cutting all cords, and living entirely off wifi that comes from businesses, cities and campuses. Read more here.

Possible or Not Possible for Indian Market?

Have you ever thought about fixing an appointment over the phone or by using an app to save your time in any Bank. Let me know how is this idea. Share and Like if you really love this idea. Unfortunately there is no service like this in india. Read more on the discussion here.

How to convert Facebook billing in INR?

We’ve been advertising on Facebook for quite sometime but it was only recently we discovered that Facebook accepts payments in INR too. Read more here.

The multiple Twitter handle faux pas 😀 (Rated PG)

Star sports

More here.

Transfer contacts from Android -> iPhone

Not that I’m personally likely to switch from Android, but thought this might help folks. More here.

How iPhone is Made?

“We’re providing snippets of information on just who is making the parts that go into the two new iPhones, and where, exactly, these parts are made. Did you know, that the much-touted fingerprint sensor was imagined in Florida, but manufactured in Asia by Taiwanese giant TMSC? How about the M7 motion co-processor? Did you know that it’s the brainchild of NXP, a company in the Netherlands, which has fabrication facilities in Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines?”  More here.

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