Forum Roundup: Anonymous Has Taken Over LinkedIn & How Do Price Comparison Sites Earn?


Forum Roundup: Anonymous Has Taken Over LinkedIn & How Do Price Comparison Sites Earn?

nextbigwhat-forumNextBigWhat forum witnesses great discussions among entrepreneurs and the geek community. Here’s a quick list of interesting topics from this week.

How Can (Tech) Folks Beat Governments-Gone-Evil?: How can tech beat this uber-big-brotherness? P2P mail, public key encryption? Cannot trust anything on any server anymore? Will this happen, or will we merely roll over and given in to this organized murder of democracy everywhere in the world?

So..Anonymous has taken over LinkedIn? Seriously! Anonymous has taken over LinkedIn. Well, almost! :).

Take a look at last 5 profiles who viewed my LinkedIn profile 🙂

Makes me wonder what’s the point of this feature? To push users to buy premium feature..and become anonymous?Ashish Linkedin

SMS Gateway used by e-commerce websites

Just curious what are the best SMS gateway services that are used by some of the e-commerce websites.  I am trying to get a service which will enable me to send messages to even numbers registered with DND (Do Not Disturb).  These are not going to be spam SMS’s but similar to the confirmation SMS sent by e-commerce websites.

UX is NOT UI : Explained

Well, most of the UI dev end up believing that they understand UX. But UX is a totally different skill set – a different way of thinking.Here is the difference between UX and UI that aptly describes the two field.

How true is this ? raises a million dollar.

The site hardly must be getting 400 odd visits a day and is not even a good comparison search. But this news suggests it has raised a million dollar. Any news from the NBW team?

How do price comparison website earn

The revenue model of price comparison website is to earn from the stores affiliated when either the sale is completed or when the user is directed to sellers website.CMP also gets part of the revenue from the advertisement displayed on their website.


How much does it cost for registering a private company in India ?

What all registration do an online grocery shop requires?

How to check total and unique visitors on a website ?

List of Ecommerce companies in India?

Questions about your online shopping habits

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