Forum Roundup: Dating Delhiites; How Good is Pricebaba & More


As usual, we had some great discussions over at the NextBigWhat forum last week. If you haven’t caught up to the action, here’s a list of interesting topics that were talked about.

Dating Delhiites

Hey all – check out this video our startup, Thrill created regarding dating in Delhi 😉 Feedback is welcome!

Different MRP’s for same product across outlets

I have noticed that the same product has a different MRP rate mentioned by different outlets. Even, the packets show different MRP rates. Why is this so?

How good is Pricebaba?

Just got to know about Pricebaba, Went through the site, seems pretty good. I was wondering how do these guys work? manually go to the store & put up prices? what is the refresh/update interval? has anyone used them before?

Online retailing vs drop ship

What is the difference between online retailing and drop ship…retailing.

Simple way to detect ad blocking extensions/addons

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people using ad block extensions/addons to block ads on the websites. Such extensions/addons reduce the clutter a bit, hence provide a better browsing experience to the user. But on the other hand, many sites solely depend on the ad revenues in order to keep them running.

Company Registration Process in India

Step by step guide to registering a company in India.

Is advertising crossing too many lines?

Targeting vulnerabilities to exploit and indeed, deepen people’s fears has long been marketing’s dark side. But this takes it to a new extreme.

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