Forum Roundup: Product Research Tools for Entrepreneurs; How Facebook is Making Money from Google & More


Forum Roundup: Product Research Tools for Entrepreneurs; How Facebook is Making Money from Google & More

The NextBigWhat forum  is the place for people to seek help and share lots of useful insights & analysis. Last week, we saw some interesting shares for entrepreneurs and some source code shares for the geeks. If you missed out on the action last week, here’s a recap.


Product Research Tools for Entrepreneurs

List of recommended user research tools for bootstrappers : including competitive analysis, surveys and post-launch feedback.

[code] pin based / otp login – Source code


The code is contributed by developer. Live demo:


This simple code can be used to authenticate phone number / implement OTP based login at No Cost.

You can push the code to the user and get a session ID first, then have the user input the code and only then retrieve the correct one from the API, or you can do like me and do it all in one run, storing the correct code in a session variable and only comparing it later when the user provides it.

How Facebook is Making Money from Google

So Google gives Janagraha Rs 3 cr to build this project. And it spends on Facebook ads?

fb google money

SAAS Pricing : A Better Approach

“You do this by offering Price Anchors that are not competitive services, but what it would take to replicate this in-house, with low-efficiency, high-cost human beings, what you (or the industry) has paid to create this solution, or the fear of not meeting some level of compliance and the costs associated with that.”

Online Collaboration Tools : THE List

Talk about adding value, this guy has done a century worth of value creation!

An interesting article on principles & ideas about typesetting on the web.

Typset post

Does TiE provide service of databanking?

Suppose If people  want to do a market survey to start a business , that survey would have been done previously by many people . Can anyone please tell me, where can we get those market survey details? Is it possible to get it from TiE?

Understanding Indian App Developer

mobile app developer survey

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