Home FYI Forum Roundup: Give Us Your Child, We Give You An Engineer & More

The last few days, we saw some really interesting discussions happening on our forum. Question ranging from how to setup a microbrewery to many useful videos found their way into the forum. If you missed out on the action, here’s a quick recap. nextbigwhat-forum


Setting up a Microbrewery/nanobrewery

Always wanted to brew my own beer at small level, where the appropriate term would be nanobrewing, which is about 1-2 kegs per week.

This is HOW You (Bloody) Launch A Product

Brilliant? this is just amazing!

Arvind Kejriwal’s Approach to Business

Arvind Kejriwal actually means business. Atleast he realizes the role of government – i.e. of enabler.

Worth paying for Facebook ads? Worse than that?

Indian Education System : The Sad State

Education System

Tu Online, Main Bhi Online [Whattay Fun]

This is an amazingly done piece. Simply brilliant! A true representation of Facebook generation.

Choosing an Angel Investor

Investor and entrepreneur Arie Abecassis on how to choose angel investor. Some good tips here:

I am pharmacy graduate, I would like to startup a business

I would like to start up a business. I need unique ideas other than opening medical shop, C/F, drug marketing etc….please some one suggest me a new idea which is unique and money making.

Commentary: Dell takes itself private

The Intel, Microsoft, Dell triumvariate, that defined the Wintel PC, were so busy growing their market cap based on the traditional PC platform that they were not able to innovate much and Apple, which has had a rather fractured relationship with Wall Street ate their lunch by introducing truly innovative products.


How many event ticketing websites are there in India?

Was wondering how many event ticketing websites in India. I always use only bookmyshow.com would love to see what others also offer.

Looking for a partner/investor to start an online clothing co. from Ludhiana (HUB of Clothing)

If you have a knowledge about e commerce and supply chain in e-commerce.

What other kinds of e-commerce websites are there ? vendor based website .Independent website? I would like to start an e-commerce website….getting clothes from other manufacturers and selling it on my website…just like stiff collor…but not only shirts…but many items of men/women etc

how does logistics works with big companies?

I was just wonderring…how does logistics works with companies like flipkart ? Is there is a initial pick up from the vendor —-delivered at there warehouse for packing and then delivered to customer….???

want to develop a mobile healthcare app.

I have a concept of developing a new App related to healthcare service, Were we will connectivity towards all sectors in healthcare service. To develop this App, It requires a huge money. I would like to get the help from crowd-fix or angel investor or venture capitalist .

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