Forum Roundup: GMail’s Threading Heuristics; Khadi Computing & More


If you aren’t up to speed with all the action that happened over at the NextBigWhat forum, here’s a list for you.

Where can I get best diwali stock images or Indian images to celebrate Diwali festival?

I am searching for Diwali stock images to celebrate the Diwali festival by exchanging gifts with my friends & relatives. I need perfect high resolution Indian images.

I don’t have any idea what to do & where can I get best Diwali stock images to celebrate this special Diwali Festival.

Do you use Instagram, Pixter, Flickr and 500px to upload your photos?

Like me do you also share your photos on Instagram, Pixter, Flickr and 500px (user of all or any two). I enjoy sharing photos with friends & comment, like their photos.

Now my work schedule has changed and i am very busy throughout the week and i do not have time to open each app and check all the photos of people i follow and keep swiping for hours.

So i always wanted an app which could help me with this problem & i finally found it.

Looking for a legal/Accounting consultant for a startup

We need assistance on constructing shareholding/equity, help on term sheets and workout various legal terms of investing. Kindly advise a consulting firm in Bangalore.

Khadi Computing

The point of the Khadi movement was that the British were importing cotton from India, producing machined fabric in their factories and exporting it back to India, thereby creating a trade imbalance. The Khadi movement was Gandhiji’s way of retaliating. By producing handspun coarse fabric on handlooms spewed across the villages of India, he was able to generate local employment which could be a basis for self sufficiency and at the same time negate the effects of the trade imbalance by encouraging Indians to buy Khadi instead of the industrial imports.

How does all this relate to computing and our current era?

Payment gateway supporting crowdfunding

I am the co-founder of new crowdfunding platform in India. After building the product we have been blocked for the past 2 months because of lack of a payment gateway. Most payment gateways deny services to us saying crowdfunding is very risky. To my knowledge, crowdfunding (as a web product) hasn’t even picked up in India, and giving it a bad rep doesn’t make sense.

GMail’s threading heuristics can get frustrating, esp with templates.

We started using Streak recently – and the Snippets are very handy for sending standardized emails to customers.

The pain point: The subject line is common, and within the same timeframe GMail assumes that all those mails are part of the same thread, even if we send the mail in response to another mail!!

This is a major pain. Would be super obliged if someone can suggest a fix, or better still, get Google to fix this  🙂

How are medical record digitization companies faring

I am curious about the area. How do the companies do it. Do they take a scan and keep it or a back-end team digitizes the records and saves it for you. How are X-Ray and CT Scan digitized. If I want to retrieve it for future, what use will it be. Can it be used by doctors in future to refer to the treatment that was given?

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