Forum Roundup: New Google Ad Format : This Ain’t Cool; Sorting Algorithm Made Fun & More


The NextBigWhat forum saw a great amount of engagement last week. From some amazing geekery (with sorting algorithms) to some noob gyaan, lots of thoughts & ideas were shared on the forum. If you missed out on the action, here’s a quick recap. To join the fun, head over to

New Google Ad Format : This Ain’t Cool

Google is now making ads look exactly like search results. Somebody, please stop them!Google Ads

This Amazing Sachin Tendulkar Ad!
Got this in my Inbox : definitely worth sharing (and a great job of marketing by asking the right qns).

New Gifting service startup help
i have an i idea for gifting services in india ,how can i pursue in it of gifting anything without storing any product and how can i like just let user paste the link on my website and then we’ll pack and send that gift to the customer

If only we’d learned Sorting in college like this. Brilliant!
It’d be awesome to start algorithmic courses with this. I’m already wondering about a couple in there I never learned in college….

Indian eCommerce Support : Feed Manager For Small eCommerce Startups
Few weeks ago, while browsing I found one company based in India which is working on Product feed development and upload for snapdeal, junglee, tradus and flipkart like marketplaces, Can you help me to find them?

Sachin’s Last Speech on Retirement
Sachin Tendulkar’s super emotional and inspirational speech at Wankhede Stadium.

Forming An Association
If there is already (e. Association of Mutual Funds In India), can I form another Association for Mutual Funds In India with a different name.

The Printer and I


Rotimatic for automatic roti cooking from Singapore
A while back Nextbigwhat had covered Dosamatic appliance by Mukunda Foods, now there is buzz online about Rotimatic which makes Rotis and is aimed at home kitchen use. Rotimatic is launched by company called Zimplistic PTE from Singapore. While its launching in Singapore soon, don’t know what are their plans for India. I think it addresses real pain point for North Indians!

IIM Calcutta’s Annual B-Plan Competition i2I – ideas to implementation 2014

Entrepreneurship Cell, IIM Calcutta announces its flagship International B-Plan competition i2I – Ideas to Implementation 2014.

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