Forum Roundup: redBus Exit & Its Impact; Android Timeline; Phones Then and Now & More


Forum Roundup: redBus Exit & Its Impact; Android Timeline; Phones Then and Now & More


The past week saw some interesting discussions on our forum. Here’s one, for example: redBus made a huge exit this year, a deal worth Rs 800cr. What was the impact? Is redBus changing the industry?

Some of the other interesting topics include: Traction VS Growth, Startup Culture: Get shit done vs Get the best out of people, What is the major problem for any startup? and others. To top it up, do visit the thread on the best tech PJs you’ve heard or come across.

For all those who missed out on the action, head over to NextBigWhat forum to share and find out more. Here’s a quick snapshot of the most interesting topics from last week.

What is impact? Redbus changing the industry, or the 800cr?

Redbus had a huge exit – but I personally believe that the impact it had on changing an industry (along with Travelyaari and others) fundamentally and forever – hundreds of bus operators, thousands of agents and travel guys and tens of thousands of travellers have had a better experience because of this. The 800cr merely went into a handful of pockets – and were more of a personal success for a few. I personally think we need to celebrate the real impact more than the exit – that’s what passion and startup dreams should be made of.

Traction Vs. Growth : What Changes


Explainer Video – Simplify Communication & Engage Customers

Let’s pen it down! You have your business all set. You have a super cool website, you have great products and efficient employees. You have it all simplified with each and every product and service explained in detail and just when you thought you nailed it, it came crashing down when you realized none of the visitors stay on your website for more than a few seconds? In other words, they are not reading about your products or about your business. Where did you go wrong?

Startup Culture : Get shit done vs Get the best out of people

There aren’t just productive people and unproductive people. Everyone has the potential to be productive or unproductive. There aren’t people who are A players and C players. Just people who are performing at an A level and at a C level. Agree?

This talks about 2 approaches to managing people and work. Which do you think builds a team for the longer term, creates more ownership, yields more value, gets more done? What are the short vs long term benefits and losses? Would love to hear from real life experiences.

The Android Timeline!


Ownership for website

We want legal ownership for our website without forming a

What is the best Tech PJ you have ever heard?

So just tell us the best Tech PJ you have heard of. And Ya this thread is being started by me to bore you with my PJs. Please indicate if your PJ is original.

A site helping individual to get paid online

Hey guys i was thinking to make a site to help individuals like you and me to sell things online which can be any of any kind books,apparel ,electronics or services like consulting , web designing etc. With no maintenance fees but will be at around 5%per transaction. What do you think guys can it be a good idea

Phones Then & Now : Nokia should’ve done this years ago 🙂


What is the major problem for any startup?

What do you think is most difficult one

Marketing ?

Legal compliance ?

Servicing the clients ?

Cash flow management ?

or any other ?? and why !

How Node.JS got so big?

The nice thing about Node is that it’s really easy to develop things that are small. It helps people build really easy proofs of concept that would take longer in other environments,”..“When it comes to Node.js, people shouldn’t believe what anybody else does with it. They should mess around with it themselves and see if it fits their needs.

Understanding customer interaction and nailing it

There has to be an informed step-by-step planning to crack that magical logical process that works best for reaching your customers. While every company would have a separated approach specific to its target audience, you need a 3 step framework to enable it:

1. Understanding customer behavior

2. Catching them right!

3. Getting it done

Is Justdial’s valuation just plain absurd?

Is it a business that can justify such multiples? Where’s the growth going to come from? They’re not at all a tech leader in belief or action by any stretch of imagination, and they’ve had trouble growing to multiple cities, forget geographies. Google’s got the breadth covered, and for important verticals such as restaurants and movies, other best of breed players are doing much better and the default option both online and more importantly, on apps.

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