Forum Recap: Got Questions On How to Make Your SaaS Company Happen?

Last week on our forum, we’d launched the #AskAvlesh series. Avlesh, the CEO & Founder of WebEngage answered many questions around SaaS in India. Besides, we had some heated debates and discussions. Here are some of them. If you haven’t already, sign up to become part of an amazing community of early adopters, technologists and entrepreneurs.


Are you okay selling ‘Indian’ background to US companies [SAAS]?here.

How is Selling SaaS to Indian Buyers Different?

How is selling SaaS to an Indian customer different from say a US customer, i.e. in a more advanced Internet economy?

Feet in the street sales Vs pure play SaaS (only online sales)? What is more effective, when, where & why? Read more here.

The role of personalization in software product design for Indians

As this story suggests, personalization is already becoming a key differentiator in the luxury car market. Taking a cue from this development, we think software product designers should start building in the ability to personalize into their products. In India, we have a long history of personalized services such as from tailors, cobblers and paanwallahs, specially in smaller towns. Building on this history that is unique to our context, it would make sense to offer similar personalized services in software products, specially if your product directly touches the end user. More here.

How do I

D-U-N-S Number 

How Can I get an D-U-N-S Number for free, as its available free as per Apple’s Developer Program.

Global SMS gateway for verifying user’ mobile number on smartphone app

We are building an app for global audience. One of the requirements of the app is to verify user’s mobile number by sending a code through SMS. I already have a vendor for India. But is there any vendor who provides an economical service for global users More here.

Looking for a cofounder

I am looking for a cofounder….more like a CEO to do a spinoff with. The new entity will be base in Mumbai and deals with embedded hardware + service over mobiles space. If someone(preferably unemployed) is looking for longgggg working hours + no pay + crazy highs and lows please write back. More here.


Cloud based computing: why we’re against it?

The big advantage of deploying gobs and gobs of computing resources in the cloud is economies of scale. The data center is a huge accumulation of compute and per compute unit, it’s a lot cheaper. This means it’s possible to achieve the same function with thinner clients such as smartphones but you do need bandwidth and the Ciscos and Googles of the world have made a huge push to make this abundantly available. More here.

CLSA values Wechat @ US$64 bn making Whatsapp look CHEAP!

CLSA has come up with a report on Tencent today where they are attributing a value of US$64 bn to Wechat (Tencent’s current market cap is US$150 bn)

As per the report, Wechat should be valued at least 3x higher than Whatsapp given multiple monetization potentials like games, advertising, eCommerce/O2O, payment and finance comapred to Whatsapp US$1 per user monetization at present! More here.

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