Forum Roundup: Nightmare; The Formula Startup & More

nextbigwhat-forumAt the NextBigWhat forum, we had some amazing discussions going. Here’s a quick recap of some of the interesting topics from last week. If you are passionate about technology, or startups, signup & fire away!

Nightmare while booking on

Dear folks at Via, what is the reason for your existence then? To defraud customers and make them cough up more money once they’ve been rendered helpless? It was the first time we had booked through Via, and we’re shocked by its pathetic service, rude complaint redressal and complete abdication of responsibility. I have been so disturbed, and emotional for the past so many days, since my honeymoon trip stands cancelled for now. We are looking for other destinations, just because goofed up. Would never use again.

The formula startup

Bollywood has been accused of coming up with formulas to make movies and then releasing strings of movies based on those formulas. It seems today’s startup scene in India is undergoing a similar process. The formula in this case has some technical backing.

Y NO India Focused good Freelancing sites

I was wondering why there are no good india focused freelancing sites like elance, odesk? A lot of work is coming from india and i see many clients hiring through freelancer, elance, odesk paying in $’s and giving away lot of commissions.

3 months at a startup accelerator program ( The roller-coaster ride)

Anyone can create a website, but building a business needs guidance. With this in mind the day we started working on Recroup, we knew that going to a startup accelerator program is a good choice. After completing 3 months in the Betaspring startup accelerator program, we can say it was one of the best decisions we made.
Here are some advice we think might help teams planning to attend a program.

Funding for a idea

Have a wonderful and diff idea for indian ecommerce but no one wants to invest a small investment as a debt… …..just coz of i am student…..huh :-/

Other discussions

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