Forum Roundup: Is Enterprise Social Networking Dead? Open Source Approach to One Time Passwords & More

From questions on accounting related to startups to legalese to technology and business, we’ve been having some great discussions on our forum. Here’s a list of the active topics on the NextBigWhat forum from last week. If you’ve got the know how or you want to know “how,” participate and be part of the most amazing community in the country. nextbigwhat-forum

How do I convert a partnership into a proprietorship?

I was working on a side project with a friend, for which we’d set up a partnership. However, my friend is opting out due to time constraints, and I’m going at it alone. How do I convert this into a proprietorship? Participate here.

Ah, Sleep! It’s indeed a Cleanser.

Had written about the value of sleep a couple of weeks ago. And now this article corroborates the same thought with evidence!

Participate here.

iOS7 : Apple losing it a little?

“Since iOS 7 was released Sept. 18, the list of bugs and flaws has grown. Draining batteries, dropping Wi-Fi and spotty Bluetooth connections are getting big boos across discussion boards at Apple’s own support communities. Some apps are working poorly or slowly, the interface is harder to use for some people, and game players have also found faults.” Participate here.

Any views on Enterprise Social Networking?

I wanted to know more about Enterprise Social Networking. Are you guys aware of any popular platforms out there..? Participate here.

Are affiliate marketing publishers in India exempt from service tax?

One of the leading ad network refuses to pay up service tax claiming online space selling is under negative list. Participate here.

International payment gateway for an indian startup?

How can an Indian SAAS startup get an international payment gateway with metered billing and/or recurring billing? Participate here.

Facebook’s Real Use Case. True, Isn’t It? Participate here.

Other 2

An Open Source approach to One Time Passwords ( OTP )

We thought of bringing a cost eliminating solution to One Time Passwords, and hence have started working on an Open Source project, codenamed mOTP. Participate here.

Looking to buy camera tripods at best deal price.

Im looking to buy tripods in online with best deal price. Participate here.

A new service to help you sell and buy stuff on Instagram; HASHBAG

Interesting new concept. Not sure if it will work well here. Participate more.

Isohunt Goes out in Style, Founder Promises a Comeback

As you already know, isoHunt lost a legal battle in the United States and is now being forced to shut. The torrent site has to pay $110 mn to the Motion Picture Association of America. Here’s the message on isoHunt site by founder Gary Fung. Participate here.

99$ Pricing Conversion : It matters. Participate here.Other 1

Market Research – Self Driver Car Rental

Hello People. I am doing research on self drive car rental scope. In the today’s time it is true that everyone earning a decent money is looking to purchase their own car hence the people looking for self drive cars are less. Need your honest opinions, could there be a good scope for the self drive in India? keeping in mind the Indian road conditions, people who get driving licenses without even test drive, what could be the difficulties? What are the scopes? Participate here.

‘Kids Story World – Book Reader’ – Need your feedback

We are working on an Android App that would be developed specially for Kids & their Parents. It’s under development but we have launched beta version with one sample story. You can download it from here. It would be great if you could share your thoughts & feedback about the application. Thanks in advance. Participate here. now for India! – (and the whole world)

I just thought it wasnt fair that only residents in USA, UK, Australia or New Zealand could start projects on Kickstarter so I started this site to change that. Participate here.

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