Is Founder the Best CEO? [UnPluggd Topic]

Do Founders come in the way of growth (by taking the CEO role)?

Google brought Eric Schmidt to run the company for a very very long time.

Founders of companies like Twitter etc too realized the need for an external CEO. In some cases, founders left the CEO role due to investor pressure (Zynga, Groupon) etc.

In the initial days, founder is definitely the best CEO (rather, the ‘only option’), but as the company starts growing, the founder role too needs to adapt to the new culture.

First, what exactly is the role of a CEO? Ensure ‘Execution’? What about founder’s role? More strategic? Thinking BHAGs?

Presenting to you, the topic ‘Is Founder the Best CEO‘ at UnPluggd. While we have seen several Silicon valley company founders letting go of the CEO role, very few Indian company founders have done that (voluntarily). Sometimes, the CEO role gives you all the power (heck! ‘Being Your Own Boss’ is why folks startup)  and sometimes , letting go of your own baby doesn’t sound okay.

But the question remains the same : Do Founders come in the way of growth (by taking the CEO role)?

Founder or the CEO?
Founder or the CEO?

Meet the two fellas who will participate in this discussion : Kunal Shah (Founder and Ex-CEO of FreeCharge) and B K Birla (earlier cofounded askLaila, ZopNow and works with several startups).

If you are an entrepreneur who is also going through the same conundrum, do connect with us ( to participate in the discussion.

Date: December 7th, 2013 (9 AM – 6 PM).unpluggd_small_thumb.png
Venue:  CMRIT Auditorium, 132, AECS Layout, ITPL, Bangalore- 560037, Karnataka [Google map].
Agenda/Details: Visit site.
Registration: Use the online ticketing option (below). We are also accepting on-the-spot payment at the venue.

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