Indian Startup Founders Earn 40% Lesser than Silicon Valley Counterparts. Frugal?

On an average, Indian founders took home 40% less salary as compared to their counterparts in the Silicon valley.

According to a study by the folks at Compass, founder salaries in India were persistently lower compared to Valley based founders even when the revenue of the company is high.

Experience also does not seem to be a determinant factor, as opposed to most of the rest of the world, the study found. Compass Founder Salary

Last week, Compass, a business benchmarking solution company, released the study which found that 72% of startup founders make less than $50k per year. Current monthly revenue is the greatest predictor of founder salary with a more than 3.5x difference between the lowest and highest tiers.

The report is based on the data startups have submitted to them. Only, as some of our readers have pointed out, Rs 20 lakh salary for a startup with zero revenue seems like a bit too much by Indian standards.

On an average, Indian startups with $10k- $100k in monthly revenues paid their founders the most at $41,667. A majority of founders (61%) were aged between 21-30.

Compass Experience

First time founders took home more salary as compared to startup founders who have been in the top five team of more than two startups.

Overall, average founder salary for a company with no monthly revenues was at $38k and more than $100k for companies with over $10 mn in monthly revenues.

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