Founders and COVID-19: The way forward; Attend today’s Huddle with Vivek, Bounce Cofounder

NextBigWhat Huddle: Where ProductGeeks Meet. Everyday.
NextBigWhat Huddle: Where ProductGeeks Meet. Everyday.

“We are in uncharted territory. Much is unknown, and I know how unsettling and uncertain this feels. Like many of you, there have been times over the past weeks where it has felt overwhelming and all-encompassing for me.” [Satya Nadella]

The future is uncertain and irrespective of your startup funding / growth stage, we all know and are certain that none of us have any idea of what lies ahead.

It is time to rethink everything – right from your financing strategy to business model to operations model to..asking tough questions.

The post-Corona world won’t be the same. This ain’t a recession. It is a reset.

As an entrepreneur, these are tough times. And times like these call for collaboration / learning from others.

This week, as part of NextBigWhat Huddle, we are bring you conversation with founders and investors on their perspectives and the strategy going forward.

5 days | 5 different speakers representing different industries (founders/investors).

At 5 PM. Every Weekday.

We are starting off with Bounce founder, Vivek. In today’s huddle, Vivek will share the Bounce journey and the strategy going forward.

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