Founders : Now Solve The Next Big Challenge [Employee Boredom]


Founders : Now Solve The Next Big Challenge [Employee Boredom]

Imagine a bunch of brilliant engineers traveling in posh cars to meet sellers.

And do what?

Upload seller’s catalog data!

That’s what is happening in a lot of ecommerce companies.

A lot of brilliant talent is being used for mundane tasks. While there is no compromise on the salary (thank you investors), there is a rise in the number of (sane) employees who are revisitng their decisions and now ready to work for a lesser salary.

Their ask? Give us something more meaningful that goes beyond salary and perks.


Agree that not a lot of employees are asking for these, but expect the matured ones to think beyond the money and actually look for challenging work.

What’s currently happening is similar to ‘bench’ roles at services companies – the quality work has already been done by the earlier team and given that the current focus for most of the companies is customer acquisition, freshers/engineers are really left with very little challenging work (except maintenance/feature upgradation).

What about the experienced ones? The fact of the matter is that it is difficult for them to enter the ‘closed circle’ of decision makers.

Some of these employees I have spoken to, share a common theme : they aren’t enjoying what they are doing. A very simple statement, but if you are a founder of an extremely high growth startup – do take a note.

Those who want to do a startup are using the high salary package as a seed funding – stick around, show up every day and nothing. All good, but very little value add to the business, right?

To give you a quick idea, category heads of some of the ecommerce companies are now willing to work for a decent salary cut, but need a much better / challenging work.

Similarly,  a few non-founders CXO hires are leaving to do more meaningful roles that impacts business/society in a bigger way.

While they might get lured into another job with better salary, the challenge for founders/HR manager remains at large to hold on to the current talent and show them something bigger and better. And meaningful.

As one of the senior execs told me, everybody is in a hunting mode. There is very little farming that’s happening.

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  1. Yes, It is seriously damn boring sometimes ;(

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