Free Anti Virus from Microsoft – Is MS hurting it’s ecosystem?


Free Anti Virus from Microsoft – Is MS hurting it’s ecosystem?

Microsoft has launched it’s free anti virus software (link) that is compatible with Windows 7 (it’s important to note that many of the anti virus software are still not compatible with Windows 7, which is scheduled to be launched in the month of October).

Historical Perspective

All virus makers/spammers target Microsoft/Windows (the Conficker worm itself has infected 10 million computers running Vista/XP), owing to the sheer market share that Windows enjoy. Hence, there are tons of anti virus software that compliment the OS, which in turn helps MS a tighter hold on the OS market.

Code named Morro, Security Essentials is a malware scanning engine (it is a replacement of Live OneCare service which is discontinued now) and the technology is the result of MS’s earlier acquisition, Giant and Sybari.

Coming back to the point raised in this article, Microsoft launching a competitive application will hurt other ISVs who pretty much exists, because Windows exists!

In order to combat the ‘G’’s cloud services, is Microsoft trying to do all things on it’s own (and rely less on ISVs)? Will MS bundle it’s free anti virus with Windows (and invite lawsuits)?
What’s your opinion?

Norton, one of the anti virus maker has even launched a video poking all the free anti virus software.

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