And In One Shot, TRAI Puts Facebook’s Unethical Tactics To Rest

Facebook has been using unethical and severely unprofessional tactics to get people to support its Free Basics programme.

If you purely by numbers (14.34 lakh comments supporting Free Basics), Facebook surely is winning the *number of votes*. But TRAI chairman R S Sharma has now clearly stated that this isn’t an opinion poll (i.e. do not provide templatized answers)savetheinternet

“Consultation papers are not opinion polls. We are not getting an opinion poll… Consultation paper always asks a question, seeking responses with justification. We expect stakeholder who participate in the process to provide meaningful inputs to us…We have asked a question on differential pricing and people have responded saying they love Free Basics,”  [R S Sharma/source]

He also stated that “Respecting the fact they are 13 lakh people, we have extended the deadline for them to come up with the right answers, not just saying, I love Free Basics. I never asked about Free Basics,”

The deadline has now been extended to Jan 7, so hop to and voice your opinion.

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