And Now, Make Free Phone Calls Outside of India On Google Hangouts

Google-Hangouts-free-voice-callsStaying connected with mobile apps has gotten easier than ever. Starting today, Google Hangouts have introduced voice calling to phone numbers outside Of India. This feature is available through Hangouts Dialer on Android, Hangouts on iOS and Hangout on the web in Gmail. All you need to have is a 4G connection or a WiFi data connection on your smartphone.
Hangout-to-Hangout calls are free and it’s also free to call numbers in the U.S. and Canada. Other call tariff charges are available here. Adding credit to your account will give you free first minute call to any of these 24 countries. Even though the first minute is free, you will still need to purchase credits even if you are pretty sure your call won’t last more than a minute.
Calling isn’t available from some countries, such as Mexico and Argentina.

To Make a phone call

  1. Open the Hangouts dialer. This will open the Hangouts app and turn on calling.
  2. At the top of the Hangouts app’s screen, touch the dial pad icon .
  3. Type the name or phone number you want to dial. Or to dial a number using the dial pad, touch the dial pad icon   at the bottom of the screen. Then dial the phone number you’d like to call, and touch the phone icon .

You can also start a phone call with someone during a Hangout. Touch the phone icon , and you’ll dial the person you’re having a Hangout with.
You won’t be able to use the Hangouts app as the default dialer for outgoing calls. If you want to use a Wi-Fi or data connection to make calls all the time, you can set that up in the Google Voice app on your Android app.
While the telecom providers in India have been trying hard to curb or charge the use of internet based messaging and calling apps, Google’s move sure will upset a lot of them. Also, sounds like it is time to bid goodbye to Skype.

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