Win Free Copies of Microsoft Office 2010 – Contest Details

Finally, the wait is over. We are giving away two copies of Microsoft Office 2010 and the contest starts today.

Here are the ground rules

  • Contest start date: May 25th, End Date: June 24th.
  • The free copies of Office 2007 (which can be freely upgraded to 2010) will be delivered only at Indian addresses.
Office 2010
Office 2010

What you have to do?

We are supporting a new initiative for startups/entrepreneurs called The core idea behind is to enable entrepreneurs/geeks to get actionable insights (in a QnA format).59mins

If you are entrepreneur or a wannabe one, you must have experienced the need for to-the-point answer and not a general discussion (that happens at a lot of places). Sometimes, you need it from experts, sometimes you need it from ‘been-there-experienced-that’ people.

As they say, ‘shit happens at the last moment’ and you do not want to hit Google to figure out the right answer (Goog will not take you to the right answer, because there are no right answers!). Instead, ask experts and folks who are in similar situation.

And that’s what is all about. The team is building pool of experts who will provide answers to questions pertaining to their business domain [legal/sales/strategy/funding etc]. And at the same time, everybody is invited to ask questions and of course, to share their experience/insights.


In order to be eligible for the free Microsoft Office 2010 contest, you need to participate in Each activity is measurable [asking questions/answering questions] and the more you participate, the better is your chance to win the free copies of Office 2010.

You can either register or simply login using Twitter/Facebook – all of that counts.

And do remember that Quality wins over Quantity and quality will take a preference when it comes to the right decision.

Your time starts now.

Need clarification? Ask.

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