Convert Files From One Format to Another On the Fly With CloudConvert

CloudConvertThis happens all the time. You want to convert one file format to another. Say for instance a word document to a pdf or a raw image to jpg. Now you go and look for a software that claims it can do it for you. Only, you find out that it doesn’t work on your file or that you’ve got to pay for it.

Sounds all too familiar? It should, to a lot of us. But there’s an easy way out. Try CloudConvert, a cloud based free file converter that supports different operating systems, on multiple devices, computers and handhelds alike.

The tool supports file conversion between 148 different file formats, that includes document,images,audio,video etc. You can see the full list of file formats supported here.

You don’t have to install any software on device any more, all you nee to do is sign up for the service. Just upload your files to the portal, select the file and the format to be converted to. The next step is to choose whether you would like the converted file e-mailed or sent to one of you cloud storage choices like DropBox or Google Drive.

Now you can click the ‘start conversion button’ and the file will be converted and sent to a destination of your choice.

The tool also gives advanced conversion options, for example resize and rotate in case of images, for tweaking the converted file.

As far as the security of the files are concerned, the service ensures that they are safe and nobody else can access them. The files are also deleted as soon as the conversion is finished.

Cloud Convert

One of the most useful scenarios when the service came in handy for me, is on my smartphone. I usually end up getting files as attachments through my email and a lot of times these formats could not be opened on my device due to format limitations. In such cases all I needed to do was download the file, open my mobile browsers, login to the portal, upload the file and choose a friendly format and convert. Now I can open the file on my device!

For users who need to convert the same file to different output formats can do it without uploading the same file multiple times. All you need to do is, use the drop-down menu of the download button and select “Convert this file again” and choose the new format to convert.

Also you can get QR codes of the download links making it easier to download your converted files directly onto your smartphone.

The service also provides users with an API to custom implement the service. I have used this service many a times at work and at home and it has given me the best of results most of the time.

Guest users are allowed 5 conversions a day with a file size limitation of 100 MB, you are allowed 25 conversions per day and a bigger maximum file size of 1000 MB once you register, which is free. By the looks of it the service might be offering a paid service for users with more requirements.

Cloudconvert accounts

Sign up and try the service and let us know about your comments below.

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