Flipkart’s Flyte Does a Midair TOS Correction – Grounded after March 3 [Download Deadline]

announced Free 100 albums every day as part of Flyte’s birthday celebration and the company has now announced an update in its terms and conditions: If you do not download the free albums before March 3rd, you will lose them forever.


After 3rd March,2013, any non-downloaded (that is, not just added to MP3 Library) free songs/albums will expire and will be unavailable to you for download from your MP3 Library. However, if you have downloaded a song even once, you can download it even later.

But why this 3rd March,2013 deadline?

“To understand user interest better – merely adding to MP3 Library because it is free vs. genuine interest in albums/songs – we decided to change the process and enforce a deadline. After looking at more than 48 hours of data, we identified the trend of users not downloading their free albums and hence decided to enforce a deadline” [FAQ]

They also put it across in a pretty interesting way on social media that’ll make it easier to accept the change than would have been otherwise – especially to folks on Ubuntu who do not have the downloader!




Makes sense? What are your thoughts? Downloaded your free songs already?

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